一、时间并不会真的帮我们解决什么问题,它只是把原来怎么也想不通的问题,变得不再重要了。Time doesn't really help us solve any problems,it just makes the problems that we couldn't figure out how to solve become less important.

二、伸手需要一瞬间,牵手却要很多年,无论你遇见谁,他都是你生命里该出现的人,绝非偶然。若无相欠,怎会相见。It takes a moment to reach out,but it takes years to hold hands.No matter who you meet,he is the right person in your life,not by chance.If no owe,how will meet.

三、道理都懂,但该怨的还是会怨,该骂的还是会骂,该哭的也还是会哭,毕竟心里的难受不是道理所能释怀的。The truth is understood,but the complaint will still complain,the scold will scold,the cry will cry,after all,the heart is not the truth can be relieved.

四、很多时候,我们对年龄的恐惧,其实并不在于年龄增长所带来的苍老,而是随着年龄的增长,我们仍然一无所获!Most of the time,our fear of age,in fact,is not the age brought by the aging,but with the growth of age,we still have nothing!

五、人生最大的遗憾不是错过最好的人,而是,当你遇见更好的人时,自己把最好的自己已经用完了。The biggest regret in life is not missing the best people,but,when you meet someone better,the best of yourself has used up.

六、你读过的书,就如同你从小到大吃过的饭,看不见但是早已经融化到你的骨肉里,我们不能否认曾经吃过的饭都是浪费。The books you have read are like the meals you have eaten since you were a child,invisible but already melted into your flesh and blood.We cannot deny that the meals we have eaten are wasted.

七、永远不要忽视关心你的人,总有一天,你会意识到在你忙着收集鹅卵石时,却丢失了一颗钻石。Never ignore someone who CARES about you.One day you will realize that you lost a diamond while you were busy collecting pebbles.

八、不能凭最初印象去判断一个人。美德往往以谦虚镶边,缺点往往被虚伪所掩盖。You can't judge a man by his first impression.Virtue is often bordered by modesty,vice by hypocrisy.

九、这世界的大多数事情,不是稍微努力就可以搞定的,这个世界的真相是:我们特别努力才可以做得有一点儿好,但是我们一不小心就能做得特别差。Most things in this world can't be done with a little effort.The truth of the world is that we can do it a little bit better with a lot of effort,but we can do it a little bit worse without a lot of care.

十、永远选择哪个会令你感到惧怕的,因为恐惧的来临叫我们认清自己内心真正想要的。Always choose the one that scares you,because when fear strikes,we know what we really want.

十一、很多的烦恼源于不够狠心,做什么都要顾及别人的感受,你总顾及别人,那谁来顾及你。A lot of trouble stems from not enough heartless,do what have to take into account the feelings of others,you always take care of others,who will take care of you.

十二、大冬天的时候给你送吃的的是外卖小哥,逗你笑的是喜剧演员,无论天南地北都顺路来接你的是滴滴司机。所以余生,有钱就够了。In the middle of winter,it's the delivery guy who delivers your food,the comedian who makes you laugh,and the didi driver who picks you up everywhere.So for the rest of my life,money is enough.

十三、长大其实是一瞬间的事情,根本不用等到你十八岁成人,你只需要经历一件难忘的事,或者遇见一个让你放不下的人。You don't have to wait until you are 18 years old to grow up.You only need to experience an unforgettable thing or meet someone who you can't let go of.

十四、没有挤不出的时间,只有不在乎的想念;没有不能实现的永远,只有不会珍惜的情感。No squeeze out of time,only don't care about miss;Nothing can not achieve forever,only will not cherish the feelings.

十五、小时候脸皮薄,别人两句狠话就要哭出眼泪来,后来长大了变得坚硬起来,各种冷嘲热讽可以假装听不见。其实大多数时候,我们没资格优雅的活着。什么时候能厚着脸皮去生活了,你就真懂了生活。When I was a child,I was thin-skinned and would cry tears after two harsh words from others.Later,I became tough when I grew up,and all kinds of cynicism could pretend to be deaf.In fact,most of the time,we are not qualified to live gracefully.When you have the audacity to live,you really understand life.

十六、时间会告诉我们,简单的喜欢,最长远;平凡中的陪伴,最心安;懂你的人,最温暖。Time will tell us,simple like,the most long-term;The ordinary company,the most peaceful;Understand you,the most warm.

十七、成熟不是为了走向复杂,而是为了抵达天真。天真的人,不代表没有见过世界的黑暗,恰恰因为见到过,才知道天真的好。Maturity is not for complexity,but for innocence.Naive people,do not mean that they have not seen the darkness of the world,just because they have seen,just know the good of innocence.

十八、因为你太过于热情,所以总觉得别人对你都太冷漠;因为你太爱一个人,所以别人一个疏忽你都觉得那是不爱你了。多把精力放在自己身上,你会减少很多矫情的情绪。Because you are too warm,so always think others are too cold to you;Because you love a person too much,so others a neglect you think it is not love you.Pay more attention to yourself and you will reduce your melodramatic mood.

十九、长大的一个坏处是,深信不疑的东西越来越少了。好处是,越来越不需要对一些东西深信不疑了。One of the disadvantages of growing up is that you have less and less to believe in.The good news is that there is less and less need to believe in something.

二十、有一天,蓦然回首,你会发现,那些无数让你崩溃的时刻,你都挺过来了,一个人,其实也可以很好。One day,when you look back,you'll realize that you survived the countless moments that took you down.You can be just fine alone.

二十一、人在寂寞的时候,感情最薄弱;心在孤单的时刻,最容易迷失自我。很多人,因为寂寞而错爱;但更多的人,因为错爱而寂寞一生。People in the lonely time,feelings are the weakest;The heart in the lonely time,the most easy to lose yourself.Many people,because of loneliness and wrong love;But more people,because of the wrong love and lonely life.

二十二、现在,你不努力过上自己想要的生活,那以后,你就会花更大把的时间去应付自己不想要的生活。If you don't try to live the life you want now,you'll spend more time dealing with the life you don't want.

二十三、时间决定你会在生命中遇见谁,你的心决定你想要谁出现在你的生命里,而你的行为决定最后谁能留下。Time determines who you meet in your life,your heart determines who you want in your life,and your actions determine who stays.

二十四、人生在世,委屈在所难免,消化了就是成长的动力和滋养,消化不了就是一种痛苦和折磨,还会变成了脾气。In life,grievance is inevitable,digestion is the growth of the power and nourishment,digestion is a kind of pain and suffering,will become a temper.